How to configure Apple Mail account in Gmail in successful way?

Effectively superlative solution  to configure Apple Mail account in Gmail

When it comes to email services, Gmail works in proficient manner. Its good news for apple users that they can now synchronize their apple account in Gmail to enjoy free email experience in hassle free manner. Due to the astonishing features of Gmail, it has become choice of apple users. Have a quick glance on set of protocols that need to be followed to enjoy exclusive services in remarkable manner

· First of launch safari web browser

· User is required to navigate official web portal of Gmail account

· Moving to next step, user is required to enter Gmail email address in apple account

· In apple mail account, user is required to hit click on mail menu bar

· Moving ahead, hit click on preference option

· Moving ahead, user is required to hit click on account tab option

· User can now easily manage email, account in swift manner

· Now user is required to hit click on plus sign to add new account in remarkable way

· Now user is required to share few details of account including email address and password.

· Make sure user enter account type as Gmail IMAP server setting with For outgoing server, user is required to enter

· Moving ahead, user is required to continue option.

· Once done, hit click on create option

· Finally user is required to Gmail mails from apple mail in error free manner.

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When the mind of user gets perplexed due to complicated errors, user can seek technical assistance from team of expertise who are available to render satisfactory solution in jiffy. Technical expertise grants commendable solution to abolish error in nick of time. Customer has autonomy to trigger call on Apple mail tech support number to avail excellent solution in quick span of time frame. Apart from voice support, users can even avail 24/7 assistance by communicating through email, chat or remote assistance in couple of moments. Stay in touch to seek dexterous solution at doorstep throughout the year in significant way.


How To Recover Lost MSN Email Password?

How to recover MSN account?

MSN is the mail account with all the latest technology and protection features. Are you new with MSN and also lost the account password? This a common trouble for new users but it can be solved easily with various troubleshooting steps. This article will provide necessary details what can be done in such a scenario when the user lost the MSN account password.

One of the best way is to reset the account password. Once new password is set user can recover the mails using the new password. Password reset can be done by phone and also online.

Let us first look how MSN password reset can be done using phone –

  • Dial the number (800) 386-5550 and listen to the recording.
  • Now open the MSN account dialing the credit card number.
  • Press ‘#’ key and then verify the number dialed.
  • Press 1 and password will provided instantly.

Here are the steps to reset MSN password online –

  • On the desktop double click on MSN icon and click ‘New’.
  • Select the checkbox ‘I have my Credit Card Information’ and press ‘OK’.
  • Now type the ‘Member ID’. Also fill first and last name in the boxes.
  • In ‘Credit Card Number’ box mention the credit card number used to open the account.
  • Type the name of the card and click ‘Submit’.
  • Write the new MSN password and then press ‘OK’.
  • Now type the new password in the password field and click ‘Connect’.

There are also other various ways to recover the MSN account password. MSN user can get the account password from the browser cookies if the storage is enabled. Get various other solution for password reset over MSN helpline number. Also get solution for any other MSN account trouble over the same helpline number.

iTunes has stopped working windows 7 64 bit

Have you installed iTunes app on Windows 7 64 bit but stopped working? Hoity-Toity! Here is the solution:

Itunes is one of the best apps for the media player and live music, plays on various Apple devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, and iOS. Although iTuens is always accustomed to be installed on Apple devices, however, if someone is trying to install on Windows device, he can go for that and can experience the best melody English and Hindi songs. Not only this, even he might download and store music on his device to listen and share music at any time.

Thereby, if a user has installed iTunes app on his Windows 7 64 bit but it has all of sudden and not working fine in downloading and playing songs, at this point a user is required to acquire an assist from its deft tech support proficient who always eliminate multiple issues at once.

Here is the guidance on how to fix the issue when iTunes stopped working on Windows 7 64 bit:

  • At first, start Windows 7 and then go to the start and then click on the accessories button.
  • Select iTunes installed on Windows 7 64 device and double click to open.
  • Now see if it is not working initially, check it is properly installed or not.
  • Go to the control panel and then click on the Remove button and then restart the system.
  • Go to the iTunes files and run it once again and then click on the install option.
  • Click on the terms and condition option and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Having done the task doesn’t forget to create an account by using a correct email address and password.
  • Then after click on the manage music file and folder and then click on the done button finally.

It is hoped, this helps in working iTunes email account on Windows7 if not, make a call at iTunes phone number that is available around the clock to access tech support team who provide the best solutions to fix issue in a jiffy

How to recover the Charter email account password?

Charter email enables easy access to emails and also large size attachments can be sent instantly along the server. Charter email user can also configure the account with other email clients and also get instant notification in the respective devices. It is easy create a user account with Charter email and start storing emails in the user account. Also user can customise the account settings to manage the email better.

It might happen that Charter email user has lost the account password and now wants to recover the email account. Best way to recover the email account is by resetting the account password. Create new Charter email account without login just by proving the user authenticity. Once new password is set user can login to the account with the new password.

Here are the steps to reset Charter email account password –

  • Visit the Charter email login page and click on the password reset link.
  • Enter the login ID and enter the Captcha details. Click ‘Continue’ to move forward.
  • Next choose the verification process to prove the user authenticity. Answer security question or receive the verification code to be entered.
  • Once verified user will be given access to password change page.
  • Set new password for the account and confirm the password again.
  • Go to the login page now and enter new password for the account.

There are also other ways to recover the Charter email account password even without password reset. User can get the login details in the browser cookies and one can recover the details from the browser settings. There are alternative ways to recover the account password and the best help can be provided by the Charter email technical support experts. Dial the helpline number to reach out directly to the email experts and ask for assistance.


How to restore Apple Safari Bookmark on the iPad device?

Bookmarks help in easy connection to websites as it stores the web addresses. Safari users can enable the bookmark option to start storing the web addresses. iPad users can enable bookmarks on the Apple Safari browser and this article will provide steps to enable the option.

Before starting check the ‘System Status Page’ to look for any type of trouble or issue affecting the iCloud Bookmarks. Also correctly set the date and time settings. User can also fix the troubles easily caused by incorrect data and time settings. Make copies of the Bookmark so that no data is lost. Check the number of Bookmarks in the folder they are not displayed correctly across all folders.

User can restore a bookmark deleted within 30 days from the iCloud. Here are the steps to do that

  • Open iCloud and click on ‘Settings’.
  • Next click on ‘Advanced’ option.
  • Finally click on ‘Restore Bookmarks’.

If the user is not able to restore the Safari Bookmarks, then restart the browser and turn off & on the iCloud Bookmarks –

  • Double click on the ‘Home’ button to open the app.
  • Locate the Safari preview screen and close the app by swiping it.
  • Return to the Home screen and wait for some time to re-open the app.
  • Now tap on ‘Settings’ and then ‘iCloud’.
  • If data exists on one or more computers then choose ‘Delete from My [device]’.
  • Wait some time and turn the browser on again.

In case of any trouble contact the support experts over Apple Safari helpline number. Support experts remotely diagnoses the trouble and provides exact solution. Also reach out any time to get the solution for queries related to Bookmarks, Safari or iCloud.

How to Set up Charter Email on an iPad?

Communication plays an important role in our life. It allows us to exchange views, trade as well as share information with each other. In modern world communication devices as well as companies that provides those services has became a lifeline to get in touch with our personal and professional lives.

Charter communication is one of the leading telephone and cable providers company being part of Time and Warner cable network, the world largest cable services. It provides the Internet subscription, web mail services as well as digital solution to its customer across the world. One of the key issue user does faces is regarding how to open charter account on Ipad. In that case, one can take help through Charter Technical Support Number or by following some of the key procedures to open charter account on Ipad :-

  • First of all , open your Ipad device Properly.
  • Then click on the Mail in the menu.
  • click on the Add account and check whether the charter account is in the mail or not then click on other.
  • Select Add mail Account and then Enter the following account information.
  • Enter properly the Name and then email Address in the address bar as well as Password (sepecterum password ) and then description ( regarding the name you would like to identify the account.
  • Then select Next and when prompted use the spectrum email settings below to complete the require fields and next.
  • Select save after your settings are verified.
    Even after that one could not could not able to solve the problem with the following procedure, then Connect on Charter email phone number which you will find on the Charter website by clicking on the contact. Their 24*7 highly qualified tech expert team will help you to solve the issue at the minimal time.

What Should I do to Fix Sign in Issues of MSN?


If you are using msn account or we can say the windows mail live ID then you may feel sometimes that you are not able to sign in to it due to some reasons then in that case you need to figure out what is wrong with your msn account and you also need to try to fix it.Now some of the steps that could help in dealing with this issue is as follows:-

  • the very first thing that you can try is you can restart your computer and for that you have to simply click on the start button that is present on the left side of the screen and then should click on the shutdown button.

  • Then you will be prompted with a message of what to do with the computer there you have to click on the restart your computer option.

  • Now once the system restarts then you should try to sign in to the msn explorer again.

  • If now also the same error occur then you have to try to reset the internet explorer settings.

  • Which is done by opening the internet explorer and then simply double clicking on the its icon in order to select the start menu.

  • After that just move ahead to the tools option and then to the security tab after pressing the alt key.

  • Followed by clicking on the internet icon and then clicking on the default level button.

  • After that you simply have to click on the local intranet icon followed by clicking on the default level button.

  • Then you simply need to tap on the advanced tab followed by clicking on the restore defaults button and finally at the ok button.

The above mentioned steps would most probably solve your issue if not so then you can simply try to call on the MSN toll free number in order to know some more ways of tackling the issue where the msn stops responding properly or you are not able to login to the account for some reason. Calling on this number to get the right form of guidance is highly recommended since it connects you to the experts that could help you out by going out of track.