How to UN-install Google play store?

Striving to delete Google play store on an Android device? Dial its toll-free number to learn:

Google play store is quite a necessary service for an Android device? It helps the users to download various objects like videos, images, software, game and much more. Google play store is an inbuilt feature of Android device. However, there is a variety of Google play store might be downloaded in an android device and get started to download crucial apps to the device easily.

When someone goes to the Google Chrome internet browser to download something then he has to consume more time to download and also has to consume more internet service but when he goes for the downloading process with the inbuilt feature Google play store then he can finish downloading within a second which is the highest differences between Google play store and Google Chrome browser.

But having used Google play store if you want to delete its app then you can go for that after paying the money if it is committed for paying by you and then you can delete it from your device and thereafter you can re-install it again without buying. If you are still in the doubt and don’t know what to do when you can make a call at Google Play Store Toll-Free Number to get the issues fixed in no time.

Here are the ways on how to delete Google play store on an Android device easily:-

Start on your Android device and then settings apps.

  • Tap on the app and notification option and then tap the app you want to uninstall.
  • If you don’t see after deleting it on your device your tasks have succeeded.
  • You can try another method to delete Google apps. Go to apps and select all apps.
  • Tap on the uninstall button and then it will do its own work.

Later on, you feel like to reinstall this app on your device then you can go to the settings where you can see re-install Google play apps and then press the install button. In the meantime, if there is an issue occurring, dial Google Play Store Support Number that will help you as a prime way to reach tech support department in order to extricate the bugs in no time.


How do you turn off pop up blocker on Apple safari?


The Apple corporation is one of the most significant and leading company in the world. The safari is the web browser that is developed by the Macintosh corp. Any issue which is faced by the user can get solved by contacting the Apple safari technical support number and help can be given instantly

The popping of ads while browsing the web browser is an informative effect to be carried out and the effectiveness can get dissolved by contacting the customer care support team of experts. The pop-up blocker can give the enabled option to remove the ads from the web browsing and gives an easy approach to the user to enable and disable the pop-ups from the safari. Apple safari customer support number helps the customer to solve the issues.The customer care team of professionals helps the user to deal with the obstacles.


  • •Unable to open the pop-up blocker by the user
  • •After disabling the pop-ups on the web browser the pop-up blocker again automatically turn on
  • •The functionality of the pop-up blocker cannot get activated for apple safari

The pop-up blocker can get disabled by following the certain number of steps as follows:

  • STEP 1: Click on the “safari” web browser
  • STEP2: Click on the “security” option
  • STEP3: Click on the “Block pop-up windows”
  • STEP4: Click on the disable option
  • STEP5: Save the changes

The Apple safari technical support number gives an energetic help to the user to solve the issues that are bothering the customer and the essential solution is given to the user. The Apple safari customer support phone number solves the problem when the user is unable to disable the pop-up blocker. Thus the Apple safari support phone number can make a help to the user by providing calling help according to the region and location.Thus Apple company giving the best possible solution to the user in every sense.

How to fix Mozilla Firefox is not responding on Macbook?

What to do Mozilla Firefox is not responding on Macbook? Here are the tips to fix:

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top class internet web browsers used by the countless users across the world. This kind of the internet browser is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. As per the opinion of its regular users, Firefox is the sibling of Android device and it is generally can be downloaded on this kind of the devices to perform the tasks in the internet service.

Although, it is pretty easy to use and install on various operating systems however if you are going to install it on MacBook then you can challenge some of the unique technical troubleshooting that brings with the indications to make your tasks easier. Having downloaded and installed, if Firefox is not working on your MacBook device then you must check out the settings to ensure that you have performed all the steps correctly.

Having checked if found everything fine but the still occurring issue then go to the reset button to restart the browser and then you can see the error what is the problem with the Firefox. If it is showing hangs and not responding then go to tech support executive by making a call at Mozilla Firefox customer service phone number that is available at every point of the time to offer tips of troubleshooting tasks.

Following are the ways when Firefox is not working fine on MacBook.

  • ·Turn on MacBook device and then tap on Firefox internet browser and open it up.
  • ·If not working well then click the menu button and then click help and select troubleshooting information.
  • ·Go to the application basic in the MacBook and tap on the folder and select Firefox menu and press exit button.
  • ·You have to change the name in the Firefox folder and then add its old name to this folder.
  • ·Finally, you need to reopen Firefox browser to check if it is working fine or not.
  • ·If still there is an issue then you can go to the general settings and press performance tab.
  • ·Uncheck uses hardware acceleration when available and the tick to this section and then press exit button.
  • ·Now you have to restart your MacBook device and then start on Mozilla Firefox browser to go the internet world easily.

Subsequently, if still there is an issue and you are not able to fix that then you have to dial Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Number that is available at every point of the time to get the issue fixed at the short span of the time.

How To Fix Syntax error in WordPress Website?

What is the way to Fix Syntax error in WordPress Website? Here’s all one needs to know:

WordPress is such platform where a user can do multiple tasks like web and blog writing, designing, developing, coding and much more. It is quite simple to use on an iPhone, iPad, Laptop, and Android devices. There are most of the users who are having this after registering themselves on this WordPress website by using the correct email address and password and then they can read and write the article at any time.

There is such an abundance of WordPress tutorials, guides, and code snippets available on the web. They are intended for users in order to try new things on their websites and learned more about the WordPress from time to time. By this way, if you got some kind of the error then you are at the best place where you can get the genuine information to get all the bucks remove in no time.

In this article, today you will learn about the Syntax error in WordPress website that does not let you work correctly. Thus, in order to fix this issue you need to edit the code that caused this error and here you can either remove your problem or fix it at the right time. All you are required to make a call to WordPress Support Phone Number that is always ready to reach brilliant tech support representative who gets the issue fixed in no time.

Here are the ways how to fix Syntax error in WordPress website in no time:

·First of all, launch an internet browser and then go to the WordPress website and then sign by using correct email address and password.

·Go to the settings and then select the theme edit option and then go to the Appearance editor.

·If it showing an error while opening the files then press on FTP button that is normally accessed through the WordPress website.

·If it is showing the lock option then you may connect to the website and then go to the theme file to edit.

·If you forgot that which file is required to edit then you may go to the error message that shows you the exact file to edit typically.

·Go to the file and then apply the correct Syntax and then press save button and then upload it back to the server.

·To check you have to come to your WordPress site and refresh the page and your site will be working successfully.

If really your problem has been resolved then you can use WordPress as you wanted to. However, if find any issue then you can make a call at WordPress Customer Service Number that is available at every point of the time to get the issue fixed in no time.

Westjet Airlines Booking Number

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1.First of all Login into the West Jet Website

2.Add one-way trip or round way trip

3.Than Mention the date of landing and take off from your destination

4.Now determine the place you have to visit and enter the name from where to where you are looking to travel

5.Now Book your ticket by checking the latest rebates and offers on the flight

The user may particularly dial or achieve our Westjet airlines reservation number
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How do I unblock Adobe Flash player on Chrome?

Adobe Flash Player is a media player developed by Adobe solely for the websites. It is the most used media player when trying to play a media content like a song or video on any website. For the devices that do not Adobe Flash player, the runtime content like music files, videos etc will not play. Every dynamic website (dynamically refers to the one which is available on the internet and is interactive with the user) that requires the video files to be played would require Adobe Flash Player. Apart from playing videos on the webpage, Adobe Flash Player plays media files on the computer as well. A lot of extensions like MPEG, mpeg4, dir are easily played in Adobe Flash Player

Sometimes in your browser, Adobe flash player is disabled and you are not able to play the videos. The Flash player might be disabled due to a number of reasons. The reasons include the virus protection or simply disabling Flash player due to nonsupportive video format. Sometimes a website becomes heavy and if Adobe Flash player is not turned off, it won’t works properly. To handle these reasons, sometimes Adobe Flash player is blocked from your chrome.

In order to unblock your Adobe Flash Player in Chrome, you must follow the steps below:

Step 1) Open your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the settings given on the right-hand side at top of the window.

Step 2) At the bottom of the settings page, go to advanced settings menu and click open it.

Step 3) Open the Advanced settings and then click on content settings.

Step 4) In the Content settings go to the Plugins click on Run all plugin content option. Basically here three options are provided, if you have chosen anything else then Run all Plugin content, then Adobe Flash player might not work on your Google Chrome. Hence you need to choose this option.

Step 5) Click on save to save all your choices and then turn off Google Chrome

Step 6) Restart your computer device to let the changes take effect.

Start your Google Chrome and try to run a website content that requires Adobe Flash player. Your content will run smoothly in Adobe Flash player on Google Chrome.

If Adobe Flash Player is not working fine on Google Chrome then you can contact Adobe Flash Player technical support. You can always contact Adobe Flash Player Customer support by means of a toll-free number or via an email

How to activate Adobe reader?

Adobe reader activation will connect you to an app or service with a valid user license. It happens automatically for most applications but not all. Here is how you can activate Acrobat when your machine is not connecting to the Internet. You can follow the given steps in order to enable your Adobe Acrobat. Before you start, you are suggested by Adobe Flash Player Technical Support to find the answers to the below-mentioned questions.

1. Are you connected to the Internet?
2. Are your computer’s date & time settings correct?
3. Have you lost access to your previous computer?
4. Is the application installed on multiple computers?

To start it, you need to install Acrobat on your computer. It should be followed by the acceptation of the license agreement which can be done by the launching of Acrobat. Then, you will have to click on [Having trouble connecting to the internet]. Go to the next screen and click on [Offline Activation]. An option as [Generate Request Code] will appear then. It is needed to be clicked. Open for generating a response code. It will help you in writing down the request code. Go to the [Offline Activation] section and sign in using your Adobe ID and password. Adobe Flash Player Technical Support Number now instructs you create an Adobe ID if you don’t have it. Enter the product serial number and request code. Plus, click [Generate Response Code]. Enter the response code in the [Acrobat Activation Screen]. That’s it. You are ready to start your Adobe reader now.