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How to recover suspended google plus account

How to recover suspended google plus account?

Your Google plus is your Gmail account. If your Google Plus account is suspended it means that your Gmail account is also not working and might be temporarily suspended. Now that will cause a problem as all your Google applications are now suspended for you. Hence it is important for you to try to restore your Google account after being suspended.

As your account is disabled, you cannot login to Gmail also. Hence once you try to go to Gmail you will be automatically redirected to recovery page. If you’re being redirected to this recovery page, it means that your Google Account has been actually disabled.

Now you can try to login to your Google Account on a browser. You can try on a Google Chrome. Here you will get an explanation on why your Google account is disabled. It might be due to entering the wrong password multiple times by you or by someone else.

  • The best possible way for you to restore your suspended Google account is to go to Trial to restore your account page.
  • Here enter your email id and the last used password. Google will ask you several security questions and an alternate email id.
  • Then you will be asked to answer your security questions which you need to answer.

If you have a phone number attached to your Gmail account, then it is easy to restore your account. A code will be sent to your phone and you can then easily restore your account.

In any way, you need any technical help to restore your suspended Google plus account you can contact Google Support Phone Number as well as Google Help Desk to get all your queries resolved


How to change incorrect information on Google?

The Internet has been used as a source of data and information. People now rely heavily on the internet for various topics and information. Businesses heavily utilize the power of Google search to provide their company’s information on Google. Correct business information is crucial to Google ecosystem because the main search results, Google Maps, and Google Places all exploit the same database information. If the information is incorrect then Google users can go to the wrong place or become dissatisfied with the online service. Google provides the option for all users to submit a report so that you inform the company which information is incorrect.

How to change incorrect information on Google?

  • Go to and type company names in the search box at the top of the page.
  • Press the Enter key to draw matching search results. In addition, you may want to write city and state abbreviation behind the company for more targeted results.
  • Click the letter marker for business on the map. A pop-up box appears, giving you more options. Click the “More” link and select “Edit Information” from the drop-down list.
  • Click the “Report a Problem” link on the next screen. A new popup window appears asking you to define what the problem is with the business listing.
  • Click the radio button for one of the available options, including “Summary Incorrect Information or Spam”, “Place is Closed Permanent,” “Place has a different list”, “Place does not exist, or is Private” or “Some images, reviews or information belongs to another location”. Select the option that best describes how the information is incorrect.
  • Write a message in the “Comments” text area, detailing why the information is incorrect. Check the box for “Send email when the issue is reviewed” only if you want a follow-up message to be sent when Google reviews your report.
  • Click the “Yes Problems” button. The report immediately sent to Google and waits in a queue until an employee can review it.

Additionally, you can call Google toll free number to get technical support in changing the incorrect information on Google.


How to sync Google contacts with iPhone

we all loves to exploring the Internet. It has become one of the essential part of our live and a way to explore the digital world. There is host range of activity we love to do on the Internet like networking, chatting and browsing as well as other stuff. But all these things could not be possible without the user of a proper interface i.e Search Engines. Search engines play an important role in helping to provide the much needed interface to the Internet database. One such major name in the search engine domain is Google.

Google is one of the leading and most popular search engine providing company in the world. Within a span of almost two decades it has outpaced their rivals and becomes the number one search engine providing company in the world with having almost more than 80% of the internet search engine market. Such a high volume of traffic is mainly due to its sheer speed, authenticate and reliable result. Apart from that Google also provides various internet services related product like emailing, web browsing and video sharing and creating Contacts. User can create the Google contacts either through Phone or through laptop. But sometimes the user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem users faces while working on the Google is google contact not synchronizing with iPhone.

The user can take the assistance from the help of the Google help center or follow these simple procedures :

First of all, a user needs to make sure that your card Dav account is set up correctly.
Then afterward user needs to title “ Google with Contacts “ as the sub-description.
Make sure to click on the setting and then further on Mail, contacts, and calendars.
Again make sure to see them listed under the accounts heading “ Google Account with Contacts “ as a subheading.
This will confirm your Card DAV correctly.
Further, make sure to scroll down to the contacts on the same screen.
Click on Default Account and further click on Google.
Again make sure to check whether its right,
Afterward, you are done and then Go back to home screen to refresh everything.

How to restore Gmail setting :How to fix it?

How Gmail Settings Can Be Restored Again

Gmail is the easiest way to send and receive emails. It acts as an email management platform where your messages can be secured. It contains different features for the account holders like good storage space, messages can be composed easily, a record of important emails can be kept easily. If you are facing the issue of “restore Gmail settings”, there is need to follow certain guidelines that have been suggested by the customer care team.

A number of issues have been resolved by you. Here, you can find help to one:

  • What is the method to restore Gmail settings?
  • It is first required to go to Gmail
  • Now, you need to go into “Settings” option by choosing the settings icon that is at the top right side
  • You should choose one tab in the different options that are available to you like “General, labels or accounts import or export
  • When you update your “Settings” of Gmail, users need to choose “Save changes” option
  • As a user, you will get the number of options that can change the settings of Gmail. It includes a supported browser, email notifications, display, and accessibility, creates signature, and change profile picture.

There may be certain occasions when you will not find this discussed solution satisfactory, it is required for you to connect with the support team. For reaching the team of experts, there is need to use the helpline number. If you will use it, you can contact the team of Gmail customer service without getting into trouble. Customer service experts take the control of user’s system by using the remote desktop assistance and try to understand the cause of the problem. It is ensured to all of you who are using Gmail that trouble never comes your way if you make a constant connection with experts.

Besides, contacting experts team directly, you may even use other major options like email and chat service. These are the secondary options by which you can contact the team of technicians. Those who want to get help for free, frequently asked questions and tech support columns can be used. It can also be considered as the best way to contact the support team.